“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

****************************************~ Abraham Lincoln



Our Points of Distinction

Mediatrends Advertising & PR Systems, Inc. is one of the leading PR firms in the Philippines today. We handle a wide range of clients ― corporations, trade associations, governments, agencies and institutions, even non-profit advocacy groups, celebrities and political personalities ― and we pride ourselves with the extreme client confidentiality we practice.

Since its inception more than a decade ago, Mediatrends, as we are also known, has grown into a firm that takes into heart social responsibility and clear work ethics. That more than a decade hence, the men and women who have come to work with us and have adopted these values to heart, donned them like second skin, can rightfully claim to have given their best in their respective fields.


Our work greatly speaks for us. No matter what your needs are, Mediatrends can bring you to the people that matter most ― the influencers, the customers, and the stakeholders. We get your story, we structure its features accurately, provide it with rock-solid research, and tell it coherently and creatively to the right audiences.

Our value resides in our expertise in crises and issues management, internal and community relations, and sponsorship and events management.

Providing quick connection in order that the people who matter most get genuine valuable information, as if directly spoken to them, is the soul of our being. We create impact through strategic communication plans that create effective long-term results.

And since time is of the essence, we make sure that time is always on our side.

We have handled countless challenges from clients of varied requirements and have delivered them on time, with all the media values that communicate to the core. You can ask around.


Our competence goes without saying. We have teams of the best professional PR and advertising men and women, the best writers and communication designers, the best professional photographers, and the best visual designers, as well, all equipped with a conglomeration of more than 500 years of experience in the industry.

We boast of a strong and wide network of media relations forged with respect, professionalism, and friendship that make up for a delivery system in print and broadcast that is at par with the challenges of our times.


Our clients are always pleased. But that is beside the point. The playing field has been leveled with the entrance of public relations. The big companies are not just the ones who can say what they want. Even you can. Emaill us so we can address your needs.


Below are the results of a few of the work we managed.



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