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EdCorEd Cordevilla founded Mediatrends Advertising & PR Systems, Inc in 1996 while he was yet working as foreign news/environment/science & technology editor at The Manila Chronicle and news editor for the Sunstar News Service, which was then based in Ortigas (Pasig City), simultaneously.

EdCor, as he is known in the circle, started with public relations rather accidentally. He was mostly contacted by the persons and firms he placed on the newspaper pages and was asked if he could render them services in public relations for an extra fee by presenting more feature-ized stories on the articles or captions that were published. His clients grew and their demand for public visibility likewise grew.

When The Manila Chronicle folded up on that fateful day in year 1997 and the Sunstar News Service had to move south a little earlier, his reputation as a public relations practitioner was already on the rise. Having worked with a newspaper and a news service outfit was his base in creating a network with the rest of the print media circle. Radio and television soon followed.

He isn’t one who will forget where he came from. There were times he taught literature subjects, his favorite, in universities just to get the feel of being within the ‘secure walls’ of the university again. The most recent was in San Beda College.

EdCor started hiring staff as he could not handle the growing bulk of his clients. He teaches his staff the basics; he pushes them to their limits and pushes them again, even harder, to go beyond what is expected of them, until every breath they take becomes public relations. Those who could not handle the pressure are not cut for the job; but those who could remain will be a cut apart, high above the rest.

The training alone under this man is enough education, one you could not get in any college or university. If you think public relations is for you, you have to start with the sacrifice. Join us.



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